PICNIC RANCH on Saturday, November 10th, 2023 4:00 PM –  Paula the Alpaca saw herself in the mirror!

Paula the Alpaca holds the title as voted Number 1 “Softest and Cutest Alpaca of 2023” at the California State Fair! (now 3 years in a row, sorry Sue the Moo, the runner up Cow).

“Wow, her reaction to her seeing her own face was so cute, and special!” – said Everyone! She was also wearing her favorite outfit during the reveal, and it was such a surprise! This wasn’t anything that anyone could have expected to happen, except for the lettuce who brought the mirror with her to the farm. Mica Frank, a lettuce, was interviewed right after it happened! “Where you expecting to do this? What made you think to bring this mirror with your to ‘Picnic Ranch’ of all places?”

Mica responded: “I just woke up from a nap, and decided to bring it with me when I left my house! I think Paula the Alpaca is so pretty, so I wanted her to get to see herself in the mirror. Especially her hair!”

“Wow!” Birdie exclaimed without hesitation. How nice! We also took a video of the whole thing! You can watch this video on our page soon, it has to be edited and checked to make sure they don’t have any bugs or weird noises in the footage. In the meantime, we included more of the story below!

Alpacas normally don’t see themselves in mirrors, so this was a rare situation for Paula. Yes, even for a champion title holder of ‘Softest and Cutest Alpaca of 2023!’ We were all surprised too! When Paula saw herself in the mirror, she screamed like a goat! She wasn’t scared, just a bit confused. Paula thanked Mica, and then Paula got lots of pets!

Birdie, the reporter, shared how he doesn’t have a mirror. He asked Mica, “Do you look in the mirror, too?” Mica said, “My Mommy always reminds me: “Look in the mirror, don’t forget who you are!” Mica started wiggling around, and pretending like she was flying right after. “I wanted to make sure that Paula the Alpaca knows how pretty she is, and to never forget!”

What a great reminder! Get yourself a mirror, and “don’t forget to look and see how beautiful you are!”

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