Husky Farms, CA July 11th, 2023 – Something a-maize-ing happened when the sun reached its peak – the corn field popped, popped and popped!  

Al Plucky, the scarecrow in charge at Husky Farms, witnessed the corn field pop into a popcorn field on a hot summer day. The destruction was caused by high desert temperatures, which led to extreme conditions with too many pieces of popcorn to count!

Lots of loud “Pop” noises echoed through a nearby barn, scaring all the animals and nearby birds. When the popping stopped, they realized it was no longer scary, it was actually yummy!

We interviewed Al Plucky, the Scarecrow on watch to find out what it was like when the corn field started to pop into popcorn. 

Al explained: “Well, I was doing my job, as I do, I work 10 hour days.  I heard a noise, POP, and then another POP! I was a getting scared because I didn’t know what these popping sounds were. Nobody was stepping on anything on the floor, there weren’t any fireworks going off, and nobody else was around! It was just me and my corn!”

Al had no idea what it was until he started seeing the popcorn pieces land onto the ground. This was the first time he had experienced this. We asked him if he’s ever eaten popcorn before this, he said no! “I didn’t know I could eat it, until some of the other animals were eating it really fast, and they were saying that they  loved it! So I tried a piece, it was crunchy and yummy! I like it more than corn!”

We interviewed Dr. Caw, PhD., one of the smartest crows in the world, to find out why this may have happened.  Little Birdy asked, “What can you tell us about this phenomenon that occurred in the corn field?”

Dr. Caw explained: “This is a common problem that farmers have in the desert when temperatures reach above 91 degrees. The corn will pop into popcorn! It is usually one at a time, then the pops jump to 3 at a time: Pop, pop, pop!!”

What a surprise! If you’ve never tried a snack, keep an open mind because it could be your new favorite snack! 

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