Los Angeles, CA January 22nd, 2024 6:00pm PT –  Ted became a musician and a magician on the same day!  When this top hat reached his head, this elephant didn’t hesitate and neither did this new look!

Ted Trunkston, an Elephant who loves to play dress up, was walking down Sunset Blvd. when he found a black, fancy top hat!  He didn’t know what to do besides use his trunk to pick up the hat and try it on.

Ted sniffed the hat first to make sure it was clean.  He looked around to make sure nobody was looking for it.  He leaned down, wrapped his trunk around the top of it, and threw it up in the air.  The hat spun around 3 times before it landed right on the top of his head!  He was ready to take on the world, now that this new fashion has presented itself!

We interviewed Ted Trunkston, the lucky elephant.  “I wasn’t expecting this hat to just be sitting in the street during my daily walk to the market.  I often walk to the supermarket to pick up some mushrooms for my mushroom soup, but I was quite surprised.”  

An innocent bystander, Martha, said: “I saw an elephant dancing with a top hat on, I thought I was dreaming!”  Several other witnesses shared they saw Ted tap dancing.  “It’s a top hat, what else am I going to do?” said Ted, the tap dancer with a top hat.  

Natalie, a 10-year old child who was also walking down Sunset Blvd. on Monday, said she was stopped for a magic trick where the elephant made her juice box disappear, then reappear within 2 minutes!  “It’s a top hat, I have to do magic if I’m dressed like a magician!” said Ted, the magician who can turn your juice in your juice box into candy!

Sarah Monique, the mayor of Beverly Hills, mentioned Ted Trunkston in a recent interview with Silly News, “Ted Trunkston is a talented musician.  This elephant can play the trumpet without their top hat falling from their head, that has to  be a world record!”

We attempted to interview the top hat, but it had nothing to say, because top hats are just hats and they can’t talk.

Finders keepers, and hat’s off to the skills you can develop with new fashion!

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