789 Lily Ave. Culver City, CA on April 18th, 2024 at 1:00 PM – A local squirrel, who’s known around the neighborhood as “Snake,” has been digging up the prettiest succulents and burying his favorite nuts in their place.

At 1:21 PM on Thursday, the determined squirrel was interrupted by a startling window tap, a local resident and owner of the succulents. This caused the squirrel to run away fast, and leave the peanut in plain sight!  Froggy was on the scene, who explained what he saw!

“Hello everyone! Yeah, it’s very sunny out here…it looks like a peanut was left here, right where the squirrel may have been digging.” Froggy inspected the area a little closer and gathered all the details for us. “I think the snake…I mean, the squirrel…I think he got very scared, and then decided to leave its snack here on purpose, with a secret idea to come back for it.”

Perhaps Froggy was right, or perhaps it was abandoned. We tried to interview the squirrel, but he ran away too fast! Snake is very fast.

“There was no comment from the peanut, but we think it is going to stay in the planter until the squirrel gets back.”

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