4TH STREET, LOS ANGELES, CA May 11, 2023 7:00 PM PT – For over 10 years, Nathan, a little owl, finally found out “who” kept making a crazy noise.  He was shocked to find out that he, himself, was the culprit! We interviewed Nathan, who also happens to be an owl investigator, to get the whole story.

“They call me the ‘Owl Detective!’ For the past 6 years, I’ve been finding answers for my curious neighbors. I love to solve mysteries, answer questions, and give my friends advice. I’ve solved which birds made nests where, I’ve found coins in the park, and I’ve returned many popcorn pieces to its rightful owners.  I never thought I’d have a mystery of my own, but this one was important to me.  Whenever I would feel nervous or scared, there was this weird ‘who’ noise.  I was always asking myself: “Where is that noise coming from?” 

“Turns, out, “I” was ‘who’!” – Owl Detective

Nathan was trying to find a little puppy’s favorite toy, when he got startled around a corner. He heard the noise again. Worried and frantic, he ran down the street and found himself in a corner that was a little more echo-ey.  Nathan kept hearing the ‘who’ noise, and it didn’t stop. He kept feeling more and more scared, and the ‘who’ noise kept getting more and more loud! 

Nathan spun his head 280 degrees to the left, then back.  Then, he spun his head 121 degrees to the right, and he waited for 14 seconds. (14 is his favorite number.) Then, he spun his head back to the left, and he noticed there was…nobody around! Then, Nathan realized, the noise was coming from his heart.

Nathan told us he’d never met another owl in his life!  He learned that when he gets scared, he can make a ‘hoot’ noise.  Being a little owl, his ears are hidden behind his feathers, so he thought the noise was coming from outside of him. It was his own hoot, coming from HIM the whole time!

Mystery solved! Now, there’s no reason for this owl detective to be scared of their ‘who’ anymore!

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